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Best Sultana Limited

What we do?

Best Sultana Ltd is a specialist company in supplying and distributing high quality sultanas. We take pride in providing the best quality sultanas and raisins from approved suppliers around the world.


Best Sultana Limited launched in May 2013 to be able to supply premium quality sultanas to the UK Market. We do believe in premium quality and we are pleased to say that we have been awarded one of the best-selling high quality sultanas to our customers. We provide best possible high quality sultanas with competitive price. 

After fabulous achievement and success in Russia and East European Market, we have decided to come to the UK. By renovating our production lines with the latest technology and laser machines, we have taken right approach to meet customers’ expectations with high quality standards. We are working hard to be different by supplying premium quality with competitive price.


Having foundation like this for nearly 20 years, gives us an advantage in the market which gives us the possibility to ensure consistency in both quality and supply.


Best Sultana Ltd holds stock of Sultana in UK and is able to deliver rapidly to the local customers based on just-in-time deliveries system. We offer a tailored service to our clients, which includes precise product specifications, such as customised retail packs with your company name, logo and full nutrition information, we also supply products in bulk to the different food industries in the UK Market.  


We strive to achieve quality control by continuously monitoring our services at every stage of the process we actively seek to deliver an excellent customer services to our clients with exceptional standards of professionalism and integrity.